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G’day. I’ve had an eclectic career as a journalist, educator, performing artist and pastor. Add offspring, parent and spouse and you get a pretty good base about things that formulate my thoughts.

In 2003 these careers began merging as I created the position of Worship Coordinator at my home church, Elk Grove Baptist, a multi-cultural, intergenerational congregation near O’Hare Airport in suburban Chicago.

Michael Edgar Myers Speaking
Filling in for a vacationing pastor.

As Worship Coordinator, I assisted the pastors, musical and technical media ministries in preparing and executing Services of Worship. This was the start of my recognition that what State-side Christians often call “worship” is broader communication than just music. From my vantage point on stage or behind the scenes, Bible study classes, continuing studies about the history and expressions of worship across faiths, and interactions with members of my own congregation and others on a spiritual journey, I began writing essays for our own congregation to ponder in preparation for whatever service was scheduled.

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In 2009, my role at EGBC changed to Pastor of Development & Training. I became a clearing house of information and programs to encourage other ministry leaders, using many theater techniques I employ teaching class management, team-building and humor workshops to educators across the nation. I also became a licensed minister of the gospel of Christ. With these increased responsibilities, we ceased publishing the weekly essays.

There were three more ministry changes to occur through Elk Grove Baptist.  They were rapid, life-changing, and necessary.

In 2016, my staff position changed again.  I became Connections Pastor at EGBC.  While the primary role was to transition newcomers to the church into ministries at the church, I was moved to expand the idea of Connections to include interactions with schools, community agencies, and government officials in villages near our campus.

When my season as a staff pastor ended in 2017, God repurposed these experiences and connections by returning my focus to overseeing Kingdom Impact Theater Ministries, the performing arts ensemble my wife, Vikki, and I established as an element of the EGBC Christian Education department in the 1990s.  This expansion led to a partnership with Artists in Christian Testimony Intl, our non-for-profit parent.  Tax-deductible donations to KIT through ACT provide an avenue for monetary support of our ensemble of theater missionaries and for me expand acting and writing venues.

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Besides writing these essays, I am a regular contributor to The KIT ‘n’ Kaboodle blog, and the online magazine WorshipFacilities.com. I narrate audiobooks which concentrate on matters of faith and entrepreneurship, particularly among African-Americans and am an ensemble member of the radio drama series “Unshackled,”  speak at churches when invited, conduct workshops using humor, theater and improvisation skills to improve relationships in schools, businesses and churches.

I’m thankful this forum has been created as an outlet to republish some ideas and share new discoveries. — Michael Edgar Myers, October 2018

“Make a Joyful Noise” available here. All others available here.


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